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Image shows Jared peeking into frame while snorkeling in the Adriatic Sea.

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Image shows mojitos on Vis, Croatia.


Image shows the Blue Mosque from an upper gallery window of the Hagia Sophia.


Image shows the sun setting over Mostar's Old Town.


"A passion for travel seized me as if I had been a migratory bird." -Francis Galton

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Image shows Sera watching the water flowing over the tufa dams in Plitvice National Park, Croatia.

We had contemplated getting up early and visiting Plitvice before the crowds of the day or visiting Rastoke in the morning, which we ultimately …

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Image shows a waterfall in action within Plitvice National Park, Croatia.

The area near Krka is really remote, and in turn incredibly peaceful. After one of the most tranquil nights of sleep we had in ages we were on the …

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Image shows Sera peaking out one of the windows at the Buna River flowing by the Tekke.

Our misadventures of the previous day had put us in catch up mode, and we decided we should get up early to try and make the most of the day. …

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Image shows the sun setting over Mostar's Old Town.

Our final day in Dubrovnik was meant to simultaneously be our first day in Bosnia. We had planned to get up early, grab our rental car from town, and …

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